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In July, after I was convinced the airlines were not going to put their nut mixes back in First Class, I issued a news release saying that our website, Great, and our store,, would be selling bags of the nuts mixes at near cost. It started with a front page article in the Fort Worth Star Telegram by Bud Kennedy, and from there spread like wildfire.

I was interviewed by the Dallas Morning News, Channel 11, Channel 5, Telemundo, a radio station, and I can’t even recall who else. Everything hit the fan at once. Our once neglected website was flood with orders, and our retail store had lines out of the door. We were thrilled, but scrambling to deal with it. We added a shipping app to our website and worked to staff and stock the store. It was all hands on deck!

I knew something was different when I walked by the aisle from the kitchen behind the counter in the store toward the offices and everyone in the store yelled out “There she is!” I waved as I walked by. And then one woman yelled out, “Sign my mask!” Everyone in the store, employees included, broke into laughter. It gave me a much needed laugh, but it all felt surreal.

At home at night, I read all of the comments from the “Contact Us” page of our site that come directly to my email and answer most of them personally. I also read the comments from the reviews and the comments left on the orders. Some of them are questions and some are problems that need answering and explanations. But the ones I most want to share with you are comments like these:

Heard your story! Best of luck through these trying times!

Thank you! I actually took a bag on board an AA flight with me and they happily heated them up in first class!!!

You are killing me with these nuts! My bank account is being emptied and I have an addiction problem now. You have made it easy in that I know what family members are getting for Christmas this year. Each bite puts me back in the cabin as I await departure to the Hawaiian Islands. I'm so thankful to have found you!

Now I know why everyone in first class looks so smug when I walk by them on my way to coach!

These are just some that I thought you’d find interesting. Beyond that, I get so many more that are supportive and uplifting that it warms my heart. Too many to mention. And, I truly want to thank you for them! This site that was once an after-thought has now become a focus, and if you tune in regularly, you’ll notice that I’ll be tinkering with it a lot to improve it and update it and add to it day by day.

Thank you again for all your support. It is noticed and appreciated!

Kim Peacock

8th Oct 2020 Kim Peacock

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