About our Great Products

What makes GreatNuts.com and GNS Foods unique is that was are a small company capable of big things. In many ways, we still do things the old-fashioned way, but we do it efficiently, and we are able to produce large volumes.

You don’t get to serve two major airlines on-time for decades if you can’t. One thing you never say to an airline is, “that shipment isn’t ready.” This brings us to our first category of products:

Roasted, Salted and Seasoned Nuts and Seeds

We started up business roasting and seasoning every nut, plus pumpkin seeds (pepitas) and sunflower seeds. A few nuts we don’t roast, but leave raw: Brazil nuts, Walnuts, and Hazelnuts. Our seasoning is a spicy blend we call Cajun.

Snack and Trail Mixes

Here’s one we do the old fashioned way. We hand-mix them, because it’s more gentle to the ingredients and it allows us to layer the ingredients on the table and inspect for foreign ingredients and believe it or not, “ugly” nuts.

Frosted Flavored Nuts

No one in the industry does these like we do. And, we do them the old-fashioned way. With real butter, real sugar and no preservatives done in copper pots by hand. All of them are KOF-K Kosher Certified. We mostly coat pecans, but we can coat any nut in any flavor. Try out double-roasted Cinnamon Cashews. Heaven! Our other top sellers are Praline Pecans, Orange Pecans, all natural bursting with orange flavor from the oil-of-orange we use, and Cinnamon Pecans, all natural using pure cinnamon. Other favorites are Piña Colada Pecans, Amaretto Pecans, Apple Pie Pecans, Rum Pecans and Bourbon Pecans. I know I missed some! Some we keep in stock and some are made-to-order.

Southern-Style Nut Candy

Here’s another group that we do the old-fashioned way. One of our best-sellers is Pecan Divinity. They are like fluffy clouds of white with pecan pieces mixed in and a pecan half decorating the top. We “hand-dip” these like grandma did, and each one is individually-wrapped for freshness. They’re so pretty, they look almost too good to eat. If volume is sufficient, we also make a cherry version and a peppermint version, upon request. Both are beautiful!

Our Pecan Pralines are also in high demand, and we have two versions: the Original and the Chewy. Each has its unique recipe. Again, these are hand-dipped and individually-packaged for freshness. Both versions are packed with pecans and have that deeper richness of brown sugar and pecans packed together.

Our Nut Logs: Pecan Logs and Peanut Logs are a three-step process. First, we make the center, starting with fondant. We center resembles our divinity, except it gets cut into log shapes. We hand-dip those into caramel that we make ourselves and roll those into fresh pecan pieces or whole peanuts. Those get individually-wrapped for freshness.

Our Peanut Brittle and Pecan Brittle are still hand-stretched on a water-cooled table. I don’t know of many or any producers that still do this. That’s why you’ll see some sections that are thinner in areas and thicker in others. But, it is crazy good. Once cooled, we hand-break these and pack these in plastic tubs.

Finally, we have our Fudge. Chocolate Fudge, Pecan Fudge, Peanut Butter Fudge, Layered Peanut Butter and Chocolate Fudge, Rocky Road Fudge. Those are the flavors that come to mind. But we have a whole list of other amazing flavors that we make as well. We make these in slabs for retailers that want to cut by the piece in their store, in tubs for retailers who want to stack and display and in individually-wrapped square in point-of-purchase boxes.  Because fudge is meltable and requires special packaging and shipping, we don't offer it on the website, only in our store and to wholesale customers.

To our wholesale readers, check out the wholesale tab on our site. To our GreatNuts.com retail readers, we hope to be bringing more and more of these things to the site for you to buy directly from us. Stick with us, and you’ll see us adding some of these items. These are the products we process and manufacture ourselves. We don’t produce things like chocolate almonds, which you’ll see in some of the gift items on our site. We source those from quality vendors to round out our gift selections.

If there’s anything here that you’d really like to see brought to the site for retail sale on GreatNuts.com, let me know. I like to listen to feedback and spot areas of interest.

Thanks for reading!

Kim Peacock