• Father's Day Favorites Red Box Gift

    Father's Day Favorites Red Box

     We've taken our best-sellers and man-favorites and combined them into a box designed just for dad:  Father's Day Favorites Red Box.  It's filled with three pounds of:  First...
  • Apple Pie Pecans

    Apple Pie Pecans

    Great Nut Supply Company

    You'll be surprised by the bright apple flavor these pecans impart when you bite into them. Until now, we've only used them in our American Mix. But, we said: Why hide them there?  Imagine a...
  • Giant Holiday Celebrity Wheel

    Giant Holiday Celebrity Wheel

    There's a new big wheel in town, our new Giant Holiday Celebrity Wheel.  It's filled with lots of specialty items you won't see in our other gifts:  Double-Roasted Cinnamon Cashews,...