One Year Update on Our Overstock of Airline Nuts

This Saturday, July 24th, will be the 1-year anniversary of our first sale of surplus airline nut mixes on our web site The airlines took our nuts off of their first class service due to COVID-19 and we had a crisis on our hands. 

At the time we had over 70,000 1.25 lb. bags of the mixed nuts, plus enough ingredients at our plant to produce an additional 30,000 bags. That was over 125,000 lbs. of surplus nuts. To move them before they went out of date we sold them at near cost.

Over this last year with the help of our loyal customers we sold all of those nuts and avoided taking what would have been a devastating loss.

However, that was not the end of our crisis. To get any airline business, you have to guarantee a fixed price for the length of the contract. We did that and we still have over 168,000 lbs. of nuts under contract. These nuts need to find a home.

So, we will purchase fresh nuts that are under contract and produce fresh airline mixes and continue to sell them at near cost on our web site. Your continued support is very much appreciated.

21st Jul 2021 Kim Peacock

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