About our Great Nuts

We roast and stock a wide variety of nuts, but our specialty is our cashews and our pecans.  We slow roast them in small batches, then lightly salt them.  Our nut, snack and fruit mixes really do look better.  Most snack mix processors tumble their mixes by machine, creating broken pieces and product "dust".  Ours are gently mixed by hand.  Why use premium ingredients if you're going to beat them up in a machine?

In addition to our Coated Pecans (see below), we also make traditional pecan pralines, chewy pralines, divinity, nut logs, and nut brittles.  We use fresh natural ingredients (for example, real creamery butter) and we use no preservatives. 

The Story Behind Our Incredible Coated Pecans.

In 1988, I was introduced to Praline Coated Pecans...large fresh pecans enveloped in a praline coating made with real butter.  As the owner of a nut roasting and snack company, I was so impressed by them that I decided to add these to my product line.  But I learned that the small candy company that made them was unable to prodce them at a marketable price.

For the next two years, I explored the U.S. candy market searching for similar confections.  Nothing else compared.  Undaunted, I called in candy consultants and challenged them to duplicate them.  But, after two years of testing, we still couldn't capture their special taste and texture.

Finally, in 1994, I bought the company and learned the secrets!  We continue to use the same wholesome ingredients (no preservatives) recipes and hand-made techniques used since 1923.

These fabulous confections became my obsession.  One taste and they'll become yours too!

Kim Peacock, President