Three New Mixes

Great Nuts Introduces Three New Flavors

Great Nuts Announces the Addition of Three New Delicious Mixes to their line of flavored nuts and trail mixes., the retail arm of GNS Foods, Inc., is pleased to announce the addition of three unique mixes to its line of nuts, flavored nuts, and trail mixes. The latest additions include: American Grown, Macho Nacho, and Lone Star Mix.  And, while all the ingredients are receiving great reviews, each mix has a star ingredient.

“You can call something American made if it’s processed here,” says Kim Peacock, president of GNS Foods. “But our American Grown has ingredients that were actually grown in the U.S.: Almonds, dates and raisins from the west coast; Peanuts from the southeast; Cranberries from the north; Sunflower meats from the heartland. Its star ingredient is Apple Pie Pecans grown in the south and southeast.” In a separate process, GNS Foods coats the pecans in the most American of flavors: Apple Pie.

A favorite with men, and not just because of the name. Macho Nachois hot and cheesy with spicy churritos sticks, spiced peanuts, hot spiced pumpkin seeds, and roasted salted cashews. Its star ingredient is the crunchy cheese corn. “It’s crunchy, but gentle on the teeth and very cheesy. It’s so good, we’re thinking of selling in on its own. Think Cheetos®, only better. And, it’s perfect to serve at macho sporting events,” says Peacock.

Lone Star Mixrolls all of the flavors of Texas into a complex hot and sweet treat: Cajun spiced peanuts, Jalapeno cheddar Sticks, BBQ spiced crunchy corn, Spicy corn sticks, and spicy churritos sticks. Just when you thought Lone Star was all about the heat, the star ingredient, Praline Pecan pieces, adds a sweet praline flavor.

American Grown, Macho Nacho, and Lone Star are now debuting on and are packed in economical one-pound re-sealable bags.

GNS Foods president, Kim Peacock, says, “It’s well-known in our industry that our nut and trail mix products are a cut above the competition. For one thing, we start with better grades and sizes when we contract for our ingredients. For another, we make all our mixes by hand. Most of our competitors put ingredients into giant tumblers, which beats them up. And, believe it or not, in our mixing process, we hand inspect and actually pull out, what we call, ugly nuts that came from the commodity supplier.”

About GNS Foods:

GNS Foods has been processing freshly roasted nuts, snack mixes and nut candies in its production plant in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas for 25 years. As a national importer, roaster, processor and manufacturer, GNS now processes and sells more than four million pounds of nuts, snacks and confections to major retail chains, hotels, airlines, specialty food direct marketers and other businesses worldwide. GNS Foods is a certified woman-owned business and is proud of its record as an Equal Opportunity Employer.